7 reasons why you should prefer guided wine tours over unguided ones!

Many times the temptation to do wine tours by our own means appears on our horizons, especially when we are in a safe country with good health and support infrastructures. However, when we start to think about it, we can quickly come to the opposite conclusion.

Here are the 7 main reasons why you should seek the help of a professional to plan your wine and food tour

1- A company specialized in these tours knows how to quickly find the wineries and restaurants best suited to the type of wine and food you prefer.

2- Furthermore they will know how to run a tour minimizing the time you spend in the vehicle and thus leaving you more time to enjoy the wineries, wine tastings and restaurants of the region.

3 – Perhaps the most important reason: it is clearly imprudent to taste wine and drive a vehicle. Even if you drink little or spit the wine will you enjoy the wine tour that way? Does the risk of getting into trouble outside your country compensate the risk of driving a vehicle?

4 – There are wineries that are located for geographical reasons in areas where there is no network coverage and your GPS may not work properly. Therefore you can easily get lost leading to obvious and sometimes considerable loss of time. Don’t you think that time is money when you are in a country where you don’t know if you will return in the short term?

5- If you work with professionals used to this kind of tours they will quickly know how to arrange them, visits to historical heritage, walks through beautiful landscapes and visits to wineries, not to mention the best restaurants where you will enjoy the gastronomy of the region. If going to the best wineries is already something that implies a lot of time invested in research, can you imagine trying to coordinate all these factors?

6 – finally, let’s not underestimate the knowledge of the region, the wines and the people that a good guide can give you when making a tour. It is he who connects the wine with the history, the economy and the behaviours of the people of the region you will visit. Without it, what are you left with?

7 – On the other hand, the success of your tour is extremely important for the word of mouth publicity that you as a client can generate through social media. But if you design your own tour who do you think will be held responsible for its success?


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