Wine and Art Hand in Hand

Caldas da Rainha is a beautiful city of the Portuguese Atlantic Coast, but for those who like to breathe art, it is one of the largest museological and ceramic centers in Portugal that deserves an attentive visit. Come and create with your hands an artistic object and along the way taste other art pieces of the region: the delicate and elegant wines of the Atlantic Coast.

You will get to see and feel:

On the north side of Southern Europe’s Gulf Stream, the vineyards are placed right between the cold and strong winds of the Atlantic coast and the heat of Portugal inland. At night, the land is naturally irrigated by the mist and early morning fog and during the day it receives warmth from sunny afternoons.

The Portuguese in this region are masters at blending several native grape varieties producing delicious wines with premium blends. Winemakers from all over the world dream of Lisboa’s blending expertise and many fly all the way here to taste and experience it. You will have the privilege of visiting 2 wineries of this fantastic and unique region.

During your 2 glamorous visits, you will discover two amazing wine producers from the region, taste their wines, discover the traditional grapes used and taste the delicacies from the area.

The gastronomy of the West Region is varied and rich as you will verify at your lunch. The sea makes the local cuisine and harmonizes the seasoning of dishes with the freshness of its fruits.

Dating back to the foundation of the kingdom, the wisdom of the Alcobaça monks, created the tradition of conventual sweets. The conventual sweets and liqueurs helped to discover many of the tasty secrets that have survived through centuries after they were hidden in the kitchens of convents and monasteries for many years. Therefore, sit back and enjoy your meal, with tranquility.

On this visit we can, according to your personal tastes visit 1 or 2 of the most important museums of the city that are devoted to the local artists (most known is José Malhoa and Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro) and to ceramics, sculpture, and painting.
Then if you want something more active you can visit a factory of ceramic allowing you to become acquainted with the whole process of the creation of a ceramic object, whilst accompanied by a specialized guide at all times.
It is also possible to opt for a more stimulating experience: why not a painting Workshop, where you can decorate your own ceramic object?
To add another and more intimate option we can also visit a studio of an artist and see closely how they manufacture their pieces of art, hear their comments, and observe the beauty of the objects already finished. Also, you may try to manufacture a piece of pottery and exercise your artistic side. Not why but why not? Another memory that will endure when your return home.


This itinerary includes:

Transportation on luxury Mercedes sedan or Minivan from and to the meeting point, Driver/History Heritage guide/Wine and Spirits Education Trust certified guide, Visits to wineries and wine and food tastings, Monument entrances, City Tours, Personal accident insurance, Taxes.

On the 2 days itineraries, the transfer from Lisbon to the airport is free of charge. On the 3 days itineraries, the transfer from the airport to Lisbon and from Lisbon to the airport is free of charge (applicable conditions for groups between 2 and 7 people and only for the transfers to and from the airport).

This itinerary DOESN’T include:

Private tours, Meals, and Other personal expenses.

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