We create tailored experiences in Portugal that become cherished, lifelong memories. We look for those who seek to go beyond all the clichés and discover the heart and pulse of both historic and contemporary Portugal.

From its expressive cities to its sun-drenched beaches and all of the lush valleys in-between, this sun-soaked country reigns as one of the most desirable and attractive Mediterranean countries. At the western edge of Europe, Portugal is a culturally rich country with vibrant cities and villages steeped in history. Quaint towns stand proud on rugged cliff tops, gothic spires rise majestically and charming cobbled streets invite you to explore winding old towns.

The combination of food and wine has been considered as the quintessential feel of romance. And Portugal delicious wines and mouthwatering cuisine never fails to deliver it.


Portuguese wines alone – and the nation’s brightest star, Port – make a visit to this Iberian state worth one’s while: there are fantastic white, red and fortified wines all across the country, made mostly of indigenous grapes that cannot be found elsewhere. The Best Portugal wine tours put the stress on wine and food pairing. Through food and wine you will discover the country’s reverence for tradition, where each bite is almost as rich in history as it is in flavor.

Take a look below for some inspiring ideas and proposals.

Let’s get down to The Best Portugal tailored experiences

On the northern Portugal there are many unique opportunities to step into the extraordinary world of Portuguese wines: from a train ride with striking views of the man-made terraced vineyards, or a relaxing sail down the winding Douro river – Port glass in hand, to an afternoon of fun stomping on grapes in a typical lagar (wine press), these are just some of the original wine tours Portugal has in store for you.

Other beautiful wine tours The Best Portugal has to offer take place in Lisbon and Setúbal wine regions: from the fortified Moscatel wines, renowned brandies to a fantastic array of native grape varieties and sub appellations for still wines with contrasting microclimates, these regions are reflective of the vinous diversity found throughout Portugal. Near the salty, windswept Atlantic Coast The Best Portugal can design for you visits to Natural Parks and Unesco Historic Heritage places, horse rides on pristine white sandy beaches, wine courses with winemakers or Sommeliers, Wine and food pairing programs, and premium visits to off the beaten path wineries, where you will meet quirky winemakers in their small estates; enjoy gourmet experiences from truffle hunting to artisan cheese and honey tastings; and visit the loveliest villages in the country.

A tour of the wine country is a fabulous way to discover the authentic heart of Portugal as you will head off the beaten track to the smaller hamlets; taste fabulous regional cuisine in quaint restaurants; meet talented winemakers.

Nowhere this is truer than in Alentejo, a region dominated by farm land and where socializing around wine is a way of life.


How can The Best Portugal help you?

What wine lover has not dreamed of exploring Portugal’s breathtaking vineyards in their preferred wine-making region? Or of observing the painstaking and centuries-old processes by which the finest wines are produced, and getting the chance to meet renowned growers and producers? Who has not dreamed of a private wine cellar tour led by the grower, then enjoying an exclusive tasting session with him or her? Who has not wished to taste the most precious vintages from their favorite producer? Our bespoke wine tours of Portugal and its most coveted domains will give you privileged access to all of the above, and far more.

The Best Portugal experiences can be tailor-made so whether you are a couple wanting a romantic wine country getaway, family, group of friends looking for a fun and relaxing week of gastronomic discovery, a wine club, retailer or wine professional, we will adapt the experience perfect for you. Luxury and the finer details are of the utmost importance to us, ensuring that our guests don’t have to think about anything other than enjoying these fabulous adventures.

Even if we now offer a variety of luxurious packages centered around culture, outdoor adventure and more, wine and food focused getaways remain some of our favorites. The Best Portugal provides you access to exceptional wine estates generally closed to the public; or tastings of prestigious Grande Reservas in the privacy of an otherwise hard-to-access wine cellar. This only happens because we are passionately committed to sharing Portugal´s prestigious heritage and wine and food traditions.

Attention to detail and top class service are what The Best Portugal Tours are known for and why more than half of our business is repeat business. Escape from the everyday and let us create the luxury food and wine tour of a lifetime for you!

From North to South of the country, every Portuguese is sure that his food, cheese, olive oil, and of course wine, are the best of Portugal. Well, the good news is that it’s all perfectly true, if only you are set in the local atmosphere, with the right host, in the right season. Which is precisely The Best Portugal´s mission: we create, and serve you a full menu of wines, food, traditions, and a bit of history, of each Portuguese region. All that, and our personal passion, will make your tour an intense full immersion, and a tastier one!

Come with us and sip our landscapes through local wines, extraordinarily varied cuisine, make new friends – you will be amazed and delighted.

You will delve into Portugal´s history and culture and we can promise an all-encompassing journey you won’t forget.