Pre-Conceived Ideas about Wine Tours

We often miss opportunities by thinking according to rumors we hear, or ideas from people we are not exactly alike. And why is that? Because it is easier for us to give up on an idea than to investigate, prioritize and evaluate what is truly rewarding for our lives. However, if you give the unknown a chance you can sometimes be happier and discover activities that can become a good routine on your next trips.

1 Wine tourism is very expensive – the truth is that this idea is not accurate.  Your wine tour can make 1, 2, or even 3 visits to wineries in one day, depending on whether you are only interested in wine or if you are more eclectic, including other areas such as cultural heritage, landscapes, or wellness tourism. On the other hand, visits and tastings to wineries can be simple informal visits or super-premium ones with winemakers or in the company of the estate owners. It all depends on your goals and your financial capacity at the moment. So don’t be shy and talk openly about both to your guide.

2 I am not a big wine lover – your tour may include a winery visit where you do not taste wine or do only a minimal tasting. Wineries are always very interesting places where stories are told about the families, the region, the wines, and the gastronomy. And for this reason, they are always great to know the true character of the region and its people. Remember that tasting wine is always a good excuse to visit a winery and not the other way around…

3 I don’t want to go with too many people – tell your guide openly that you prefer a small group or a private tour. Even if you are visiting a country in the low season, the company may be able to get an interesting rate for your group.

4 We drive too much time – if driving is boring for you, ask if there are any wineries nearby and if the area is also interesting from a cultural point of view. In case this is not the case and you really like wine you can always ask if there is a tasting tour in the wine stores in the city where you are staying, there are always alternatives…

5 I lose a lot of time during lunch – instead of a program with lunch included ask for the price of a program without lunch and with a light meal, because you want to dedicate your time to other activities.

6 I want a day with more/fewer activities – again the suggested programs are just that. It is your taste and your time/budget resources that matter most to the organizer of your tour. Remember, he more than anyone else is interested in meeting your interests because it is good referrals that bring in new clients today.

7 I don’t know anything about wine and I don’t want to make a fool of myself – let me tell you that just the opposite can happen: if you choose the right wine tour operator and if you show interest in learning more, you will learn a lot on your day tour. You will learn not only about viticulture but also about winemaking techniques and finally the most basic tasting techniques. This day will perhaps be a turning point that will make you feel like an equal, on future occasions when you are tasting a fine wine with your friends. So get used to doing this kind of tour and you will see the respect for you growing proportionally.


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