Simple Steps to plan your own Wine Tour

Apparently, a wine tour has everything to go well: good wines, good scenery, and good company. However, there are a number of precautions you should observe so that everything goes as you wish. Especially when you don't know if you will return to that destination again. Having only one opportunity to visit it, it is always advisable to follow some steps to make the tour a great success.

1 Plan your tour in advance. If you do, you can make changes in the region you are going to visit or in the type of wines you are going to taste in order to optimize your day among the vineyards.

2 Learn a little about the country, its wine regions, and its several grape varieties. Read some comments about memorable wines and farms and set a pattern for your tour itinerary.

3 Get to know the companies that have consistent comments of high-quality service in terms of wine tours and above all know those that can surprise you.


4 Define whether you want to do a private tour or in the company of other wine lovers. Both perspectives are interesting but it all depends on you and your willingness and goals.

5 Define the time you want to spend traveling in the car. Sometimes there are very interesting wineries and wine regions within a 50km radius from where you are staying. More distance doesn’t mean more quality…

6 By studying a little bit of the country establish the type of tasting you want and the profiles of wines you would like to taste.

7 After lunch try to plan your tour with fewer winery visits and fewer tastings. The afternoon is always a more difficult time when drowsiness and tiredness can be more felt. It might be the ideal time for a coffee in a typical place and a walk in a picturesque and historically interesting village or town.

8 Always try to visit wineries but also get to know the region and its history, its habits, and its people. Once again your guide will be fundamental here, but if you outline your objectives before the tour and make them known, you will also help your guide to help you.

9 Use your good mood and curiosity on the day of the tour. After all, people react to others and your guide will be more than happy to impart what he knows to you if asked. If you repeatedly fail to do so, you will not get very positive feedback.

10 Finally relax, try as you taste each sip of wine to experience the feeling that you are absorbing all the stories of the region you are visiting, its people, their habits, and behaviors.

In the end, let yourself be guided by the wine itself, and fundamentally don’t make comparisons with what you’ve already drunk. Each country, region, and wine will always be different, and as long as they are well made the wines will always be more demanding in relation to us than we can be in relation to them.

Have fun and enjoy the juice that comes from the earth…


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