About Us

Wine Stories and Tours you will never forget!

The Best Portugal was born from the pride we feel when we show the world our unique wine and food, heritage and traditions. The pride we feel when we tell the stories of our History!

Why Portugal?

At the western edge of Europe, Portugal is a culturally rich country, with vibrant cities, breathtaking beaches and lush green mountains. Charming towns invite you to explore its cobbled streets, while classic and medieval architecture and museums are part of cosmopolitan cities! All this makes Portugal, one of the most attractive countries in the Mediterranean!

Because of our ancient and recent history, this is a special country, with strong roots in rural traditions and people who enjoy the simple things of life!

Join us on this journey and let us guide you through the best of Portugal!

Sintra Pena Palace
Wine tasting and food

Explore our diversity, from North to South!

Our wines and gastronomy reveal centuries of History, so we truly believe the ideal motto to explore Portugal is through our traditions and multicultural influence. We want to show you the Portuguese wine history, as well as the best flavors of our rich regional cuisines! 

Nature experiences are also important, so we want to take you on a balloon trip over the vineyards, canoeing through lakes and rivers or even make part in grape harvesting festivals!

At The Best Portugal, we are driven by the mission to create unforgettable tours! We design premium wine and food experiences, nature and cultural journeys so can you feel in love with this sunny country, while discovering the true Portuguese soul!

The Best Portugal Tours and Activities

The Best Portugal project was created in 2012. Every year, we continue to search and visit different olive oil and honey producers, wineries, farms and new places to improve even more diversification and authenticity to our tours! 

Our premium tours are tailored-made to your wishes: you can enjoy a pre-set itinerary, a flexible one or even build your own dream trip, supported by the suggestions of our team of experts.

Even more, your visit to Portugal does not have to end when you go back home! We can help you extend the memories of your vacations through our customer loyalty programs, vouchers and our exclusive wine shipping service! 


How do we work?

Since the beginning, we work with local guides, who will share with you all the secrets and stories of their land! We value the authenticity and respect for original Portuguese products but also want to help promote the countryside and the connection with local people.

At the Best Portugal, we encourage our travelers to learn, discuss and participate actively, so our tours are usually done in small groups for a more personal experience.


Sustainability in mind

We want you to enjoy Portugal and you can feel enriched, understanding better the Portuguese bright way of living!

We work with vehicles for 3 people or up to 7 people and can follow different itineraries! Portugal is too rich in cultural and natural beauties, so we feel we must always challenge ourselves in order to suit your personal interests. Our transport focus on the modes of low greenhouse gas emissions and in all our activities we continuously strive to be more sustainable.


Your time with us may be the experience of your lifetime, so all of our attention goes to your dream tour,
since you start planning your trip, until you fly back home!

Our tours are based in gastronomy, wine, nature and heritage experiences but we can approach any other subject on request!