Tours and experiences you will never forget.

Who are we?

The Best Portugal – The name itself, rather than just a pretty sentence it is a promise to the persons that decide to place their valuable free time, on our hands. The original idea was born from the pride we feel when we show the world our unique Enogastronomy, Heritage and Traditions. The pride that we feel when we tell the stories of our history.

Why Portugal?

“The Portuguese people are essentially cosmopolitan. Never a true Portuguese was Portuguese: He was always everything.”                                                                               Source: Portugal Between Past and Future – Fernando Pessoa

The Portuguese…
Derived from its ancient and recent history, Portugal has always been a special country, linked to rural traditions, inhabited by a people who like the simple things in life such as talking, being with family and friends, laugh, enjoy nature and helping others when circumstances are required. You will be surprised by the friendliness of the local people, their innate desire to always try to please our visitors.
The Portuguese are easy-going and relaxed, and are a result of a rich mixture of cultures and experiences. They are instilled with a permanent love for the sea and the mild climate, and are always ready to have a drink, share a meal or tell a story…
Local festivals are celebrated with passion and fervor, offering an insight into their unique sense of hospitality. The festivals in honor of countless saints are always a good excuse for music, dancing, barbecues, processions and fireworks, often for days on end and the locals’ enthusiasm is as infectious as it is colorful.It is indeed a single country powered by a single people, the one that you are about to know…

Portugal it’s the country of diversity: here references of the past, the dynamics of the present and enthusiasm for the future, coexist so harmoniously. We have so much to show and so good! Mountain, sea and beach breathtaking landscapes, classic and medieval architecture, museums, culture and small villages with their origins still alive and so close to cosmopolitan cities.

And finally, time … time here is relative and can be experienced in so many ways. In Portugal when at leisure, we like to feel that it flows slowly through us.

To sum up, Portugal is an inexhaustible discovery of tiny treasures that we simply can´t keep just for ourselves. And that´s why we want to take you along with us on a journey to discover who and how we are.
We wish you a pleasant stay in the heart of the wine country!


What is the focus area of The Best Portugal?

Everyone needs some kind of prioritization and we firmly believe that our ancestral tradition and multicultural influence regarding food and wine, is the ideal cultural vehicle to ensure you have full knowledge of our territory and our people.

“The fish you eat here is just fantastic! I would live here just because of the fish.”
Jeremy Irons, actor about Portugal

Where to travel in Portugal?

The Best Portugal will offer you solutions to enjoy our culture in the Portuguese Atlantic coast (about 60/70kms, northwest of Lisbon), Colares (40kms Northwest Lisbon), Setúbal (40/50kms south of Lisbon), the Tagus Valley (120kms Northeast from Lisbon) and the Upper and Lower Alentejo (150 to 200kms from Lisbon).
Soon we will open our activity in the famous Douro Valley (120kms east of the Porto).

Modus operandi and activities

Know and learn, discuss and participate, observe and question is what we promise you whilst you are with us.
You will learn how the Portuguese arrived to the production of wines that, today, are present on the four corners of the world, will get to know the classic and new promises of our very rich regional cuisines, will travel on a balloon over the vineyards, navigate through lakes and rivers in the presence of wine producers, participate in festivals like the wine harvest and watch the sun disappear into the horizon on a kayak.

The offer will always be conducted on the basis of your claims and ambitions: you can enjoy a pre-set itinerary, a flexible one or even build your own dream trip supported by the suggestions of our team of experts.

Since the beginning we have decided to contract local touristic guides. This was done for 3 main reasons:

1.  They are the ones who know best the territories where they live.
2.  The Best Portugal is a project aiming to help fix skilled labor in the country´s depopulated inland. This is our modest contribution to counter a tendency observed since the last two decades of the XIX century in Portugal and in the rest of the world.
3.  We work with vehicles for 3 persons or up to 7 persons. We prefer small groups because they tend to retain more the experiences they are going through and also because people tend to socialize on an easier manner.

Our guides don´t always follow the same itineraries. There are 2 main reasons for that:

1.  Portugal is too rich in terms of authentic and original products to do just that.
2.  This way we are always challenging and reinventing ourselves, towards a more perfect knowledge of the ingredients that we can mix to satisfy our visitor´s personal tastes.

As a result we are eager to make you surprises, because, bottom line, we want to create smiles as much as we want to create wonderful experiences.

What can we assure you? This may well be the experience of your lifetime and we will always try to treat it as such. For this particular reason, the monitoring of your needs and claims will be done on an interactive way, since you begin to plan your trip, until you fly back home.

Our ingredients for a successful recipe

The ingredients of our success will be our knowledge of the areas we invite you to visit, our willingness (problems are to be kept at home) and the partnerships we have established with multiple local operators, who are the best connoisseurs of its territory. Whilst having lunch or dinner you will always be delighted with our regional cuisine, sometimes you will get to know the author himself, in a form of intelligent luxury only within reach of local residents.

Do you prefer or appreciate also the history of a country? At The Best Portugal, our intention is always to provide you the discovery of our heritage on an enjoyable and practical way. Last but not the least you will have the opportunity to enjoy nature alone or together with us so that you can have the chance to reconstitute yourself from the frenetic pace of everyday´s life.

Our guides will always take into account your personal interests and try to integrate it into our way of behaving, so that when you leave Portugal you can feel enriched, and understanding the Portuguese bright side of life.

The Best Portugal will focus on groups up to 7 people, which will benefit the communication between group members and with the guide.

Our transport will focus on the modes of low greenhouse gas emissions.