Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that, while preparing a trip, many doubts and concerns usually arise.

 With this in mind, we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions by our travelers! 

Everything depends on the choosen tour: either it is a wine and food itinerary or an outdoor or cultural itinerary, instead. In a pure wine and food journey, we suggest two wineries so visits and tastings can be done quietly and enjoying every moment. However, if you wish, we can visit another winery, only for wine tasting.

Usually our tours start around 8.30am – 9 am and will finish around 6 pm. Nonetheless, everything is relative and at The Best Portugal, the time to finish has more to do with how tired and pleased you are.

Every year, our team researches for new wineries opened to visitors and producers of the most diverse agricultural products. We always try to visit smaller producers, but we also visit medium or even large scale producers. In this way, you can experience different wines and grape varieties existing in our country. The Best Portugal protects this valuable researched heritage by not giving the names of the wineries we are going to visit on a tour, as a rule. However, we give the general description and profile of the wineries to visit. Our focus will always be high quality wines, facilities, and most importantly, specialized wine staff.

Lunch price is not included in our ready-made tours. However, The Best Portugal team always takes you to authentic traditional restaurants in the mid/high segment.  Once there, you can choose from the lightest to the most complex meals. Under special requests, is possible for us to direct you to a fancier restaurant and even include the meal in the tour price per person.

Yes, usually in the morning. In the afternoon and after lunch, we usually just have some biscuits to clean the palate while doing the wine tastings. However, if you would like tapas with the wine and have a lighter lunch, we are here to welcome and accommodate your request.

No. Just casual clothes and comfortable shoes. In case of freezing or heat on a certain day, we will inform you for sure!

Lisbon historic center has very narrow streets, sometimes impassable to private vehicles. For this reason, if we can’t pick you up at your hotel or flat, we will choose a place close to you, and send you photos for easy identification. Also, when in doubt, our mobile phone is always on to listen to you!

The Best Portugal tours fits all preferences and therefore our tours are suitable for teenagers under 18 years old. We are a family-oriented company! However, we must point out that the legal age for wine tasting is at least 18 years old. Nevertheless, in case of parental consent, a teenager under the legal age can do the wine tastings, by the same price per adult.

Of course! The Best Portugal have children chairs available in our vehicles! In this case, we must plan carefully with you the timing of the activities during the day, so it won’t become too tiring for the children. Let our experience and common-sense work in your favor.

It may vary but usually our groups are from 2 to 6 people. They are mostly small groups because people usually do not like to travel in the company of particularly large groups. Even so, in case you want to make a tour with a bigger group, we don’t have any problem! We just have to choose the most suitable type of vehicle for your group!

Yes, no problem. We just have to take into consideration if it is possible to do, given the distances between wineries.

Still have further questions? Our team will be happy to help you!