Tagus Valley

A mutual fascination between land and river

In Tagus Valley, which we call Ribatejo, the river has, evidently, a huge importance! It was and still is the source of wealth for many of its people. Nature, gastronomy and culture are all deeply connected to the river, in a region plenty of peaceful beauty! 

The vastness of the barren lands, the cork oak plantations, lezírias and small dams are a sight of Tagus Valley’s beauty. Especially in this region, there is an implicit trilogy composed by horses, bulls and campinos. Here you can experience unforgettable nature and wildlife adventures and feel a true cowboy!

One of the greatest attractions of this region is its tasty wines, as well as its regional gastronomy, rich in flavors of both land and the river. Undeniably, an exquisite connection point of both fishing and rural world.  

To sum up, the perfect place to explore the countryside!

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