North and Douro Valley

An enchanted place with breathtaking natural beauty!

The beautiful riverside setting overlooked by vast vineyards carved in terraces on the slopes, so characteristic of North and Douro Valley, allows you to contemplate one of the most picturesque and scenic views in Europe!

North and Douro Valley is a perfect choice for adventurous spirits! Discover fields and vineyards painted with an intense green, lush river valleys and a heritage older than the country itself!  On this region of Portugal, the beautiful landscape allies itself with the contagious joy of the festivities, as well as with the singular hospitality of its people and delicious food and wines! Moreover, Northern Portugal bursts with traces of Celtic, Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque period, as well as award-winning contemporary architecture

North and Douro Valley

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Lush mountains, meandering rivers, and hilltop villages await you in Northern Portugal’s countryside! With outstanding landscapes, world-class wines, and great food, this side of Portugal is sure to win you over!