Alentejo region is the place where time and space meet.

Here your spirit will slow down and you will gladly mingle with the local people, breathing the local calm and happiness!

Alentejo is an endless open space! Colours and smells burst from the land while the night falls upon the planes and when finally the night comes, it is the moment to stare at the skies and watch the stars with the naked eye. 

The real Alentejan soul is not only in the unmistakable outline of the typical white and yellow houses painting the tops of the hills, in the traditional arts and skills conserved and renewed, but also in the “choral chanting” that only the Alentejanos know how to sing, with their heart and soul.

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Alentejo region preserves the promise of a bright future based in the life quality of its towns, the vanguardism of its universities, the silence, the peaceful character of its people, the freshness of the air you breathe. And time… Alentejo has a very specific sense of experiencing it. When you feel time passing slowly, you will feel that it is something rather unusual, that makes you forget the everyday routine. You end up feeling it as one of your most precious possessions. Lets discover this peace together?