A Pause for Kings and Queens

Évora is the princess of Alentejo planes. The city has reached its golden age in the fifteenth century, when it became residence of the Portuguese Kings. 
Classified by UNESCO as A World Heritage Site, this is one of the most ancient Portuguese Royal towns and the biggest walled village in Portugal. On this charming morning, you will visit Évora!

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During this day, we will visit Évora. The natural beauty of this region matches with its wealth of heritage places and monuments. Many ancient cultures passed through this land, but the Romans transformed Évora into an imperial town during the 2nd Century. They left many signs of heritage, as the Roman temple, known as ‘Templo de Diana’, the most impressive.

For lunch, you will taste the rich ingredients prepared according to ancient methods, by skilled hands, which makes Alentejo cuisine so special! Here, you can savour fresh sheep’s cheese, black pork, wild mushrooms, fresh herbs and artisan bread. What can go wrong? Absolutely nothing!

In the afternoon, we will continue to explore and visit a genuine Alentejo winery. Wines from this region are usually made with the traditional grape varieties and have good aromatic complexity, structure in mouth, with notes of ripe fruit and spices. 

Alentejo is a vast, quiet and warm landscape to be discovered. Here you can find the truly Portuguese soul, where urban and rural matches perfectly!

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A Pause for Kings and Queens
Wine and Cheese
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 Join us on this tour and visit Évora to explore its history and monuments, combined with a glass of wine!

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