Meet Your Guide

Meet your guide, Armando Caetano!

Flying over my story

I am Armando Caetano, and I am your guide and the founder of The Best Portugal! 

was born in the nostalgic 60s and grew up listening the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimmi Hendrix, while playing football in the streets with my high school friends. Learning the guitar as a teenager and thinking to have a little talent for these kinds of arts, soon I discovered that these were mere teenage dreams! In Lisbon University, I studied History and, by this time, I started to try the best drink in the world: wine!

My father was a great influence to discover the world of wine! Soon I realized that without wine or bread, it is not even possible to start a proper meal in Portugal!

Besides working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for almost 20 years, I accompanied my father on visits to many wineries to taste their beautiful nectars, exchanging impressions with producers and having pleasant moments of reflection after sunset. What a feeling!

Creating The Best Portugal

After a troubled Sub Prime crisis in 2008, I left my job in 2011. Soon I realized this was my opportunity to do something that would be more in line with my character. So I thought … Why not gather these scattered things that I like to do and combine them into a life project?

So I did, and The Best Portugal project was born in my head! I took a post-graduation in Tourism Management, a WSET Level 1 and 2 and started to visit farmers and producers: wine, olive oil, honey and cheese. Furthermore, I started to follow the cork, marble and Portuguese handicraft routes.

My vision is to show our travelers the authentic and pure Portugal outside the big urban centers, real people representing the generous, altruistic and hard-working Portuguese mentality. This is still my thought and vision today and what I want you to know and feel in each The Best Portugal tour.

Have a great time with us, learn, have fun, and discover this wonderful country that is Portugal!

We wish you have a great tour with us!
Learn, have fun and discover this wonderful country called Portugal!