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Wines and Cheese Workshop

Portugal is a country of good pasture and with a deep grazing tradition; both considered as means of subsistence and as an important traditional activity. From this activity was born a very famous D.O.P. cheese, present on all Portuguese tables. Come to know the history of this delicious delicacy, learn to do it, with your own bare hands and best of all, taste it in the company of a Muscat of the region.

Wines on Arrábida National Park

With coves of golden sand and bright blue water hidden among pine-covered hills and vineyards, Arrábida Natural Park is a hidden gem for nature lovers. On the Arrábida exotic woods are hilly pastures, for the sheep that produce the stunning Azeitão cheeses, and vineyards producing structured wines, with fruity flavours, made from Castelão grape and the very famous Moscatel Wine. All together, Arrábida is a balsam for your eyes.

Batalha Monastery and Nazaré; the union of Man and Nature

Batalha is a peaceful little town, but it was the setting for Portugal’s most important battle, the Batalha de Aljubarrota (1385). This battle secured Portuguese independence from Castile, to honour it, King João I constructed the Mosteiro da Batalha, which today is the finest monastery in Portugal. Nazaré is also a charming fishermen town and a colourful seaside resort, where we can still feel the huge importance of tradition. Nazaré has developed in a very sustainable way, paying homage to its common heritage and historical memory.

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