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The Classic Wine Producers Experience

Douro Valley, the birthplace of Port, is one of the oldest and most beautiful of the historic European wine regions. Wine has been made there for two thousand years. In 1756 the Douro Valley became the first classic wine region to be legally demarcated. Its vineyards were comprehensively classified the following year, almost a century before those of Bordeaux. In 2001 Douro was awarded with title of Unesco World Heritage Site, a well-deserved prize for all the people that helped, during centuries, to reshape nature in such a beautiful way.

Wines on Arrábida Mountain

The DOC is named after the port town of Setúbal, which lies on the northern shores of the Sado estuary just south of Lisbon. The geographical area now covered by the title was originally demarcated for Moscatel de Setúbal wines as far back as 1905. The wines from Setúbal reveal a good acidity and freshness, with an extensive aromatic complexity. The famous Moscatel de Setúbal is produced in this region.

Vineyards, Bulls and Horses

The great pastures that abound in this area have a very special feature: the raising of horses and bulls. Utterly typical of Ribatejo, this practice is deeply rooted in rural life and marks part of local culture. Thus, some of these landowners are horse breeders and produce olive oil, cork, legumes. The variety of soils that exists here allows this kind of production and when visiting the wineries this is often the background scenario that will be offered to you.
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