Profile of the wine tourist in Portugal: What’s in it for you?

What is the profile of the wine tourist in Portugal? At what point can it be interesting for you as a traveler and wine lover?

Well, it’s fundamental, because if for some reason you identify with a specific profile, it’s all the more reason to go on a wine tour in Portugal. But to continue with the theme, there isn’t really one profile but many, and who better to talk about them than a company like The Best Portugal whose core business is wine and food?

Since 2012, we have been transporting and informing our visitors about what distinguishes Portuguese wines and for this reason, we are also comfortable saying that there are several profiles and not just one profile for wine tourists in Portugal.


There is undoubtedly the adventurer who, at a very early stage, wants to learn about wine, having come from a background of experience with beer and even, in some cases, cocktails. This traveler is the one who is most ready to receive information and so almost everything is a surprise to him. It’s also usually the start of a new journey of exploration into the world of wine. The fact that there is an informal and unpretentious atmosphere is fundamental for these people because otherwise, they tend to close themselves off and not receive the information they want.


On the other hand, some people have already tried a lot of wines but are not yet comfortable commenting on them. What news do I have to offer these people? The wine tour won’t completely change that. As with all processes that involve a lot of information, you always must do the research yourself, the tastings, and even the contacts with other wine connoisseurs. The tour is just a starting point, but we do our best to begin interpreting the olfactory and aromatic sensations that surround tasting a good wine.



Friends drinking and eating

There are also those who, having already tasted many wines, fundamentally want to know how the winemaking process impacts their final taste, and then everything becomes easier because although there are many methods of winemaking and aging, they follow a philosophy determined by the winery owner and the winemaker. Here we are essentially dealing with technique, whereas in the previous wine tourism experience we had to deal with perceptions and past experiences that shape each person’s taste temperament.


Finally, we receive people who are very well informed about both the production system and wine tasting, who essentially want to taste and understand the indigenous Portuguese grape varieties. They almost always want to take a significant number of bottles back to their hotel or home so that they can taste the wines on their own or discuss them with friends. This aspect is transversal to all the other profiles, but here the word is to discuss the wines with friends and not simply offer them at a meal as a curiosity.


Complex? Not when you have the experience and awareness of all these profiles.

 What can make everything more complex? Always the multivariate personality of human beings. This is a factor full of complexity. That’s why we believe that experience is fundamental to always guaranteeing our clients’ satisfaction, and with all humility that’s a characteristic we pride ourselves on.

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