The New Raising Stars Premium Wine Experience

On this tour, we have selected for you some of the most beautiful, charming, and inviting Douro Wineries, managed with New Talented Winemakers so that you always remember this trip on the Douro enchanted valley, considered by UNESCO as World Heritage Site!

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On this once-in-a-lifetime experience in Douro Valley, you will have the chance to taste fantastic Ports, red and white wines from two fantastic producers and appreciate them paired with regional flavours. To spice it up, at lunch you will taste the warm and delicious Douro gastronomy.

During this wine adventure, you will walk among the vineyards that grow on break-neck slopes, know the Portuguese grapes varieties and learn about the entire winemaking process.

When visiting the new raising stars expect the unexpected: Blends of traditional red wine varieties replaced by blends of old vines, born on the very plots of land that inhabit the Douro hills, or an explosion of mineral whites using indigenous grape varieties are clear examples of what you are about to experience.

You will also discover Pinhão village, one of the most important wine production areas in Douro Valley, appreciate the stuning landscape from the top of viewpoints, and do a 60 minutes boat tour in the Douro River.

Prepare yourself for breathtaking views!

Douro Valley and river
Douro Valley socalcos
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Douro Valley and river
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 Join us on this tour and know some of the most beautiful and charming Douro Wineries, managed by new talented Winemakers!

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