Manuelino Alvito Fresco Route

Unknown heritage, frescoes with all the Alentejo colours are a new world to discover in this Manuelino Alvito Fresco Route. Here, and in an almost pristine landscape, there is time to discover another art work: the famous Alentejo wines from Vidigueira.

Start your Adventure

On your adventure through the rolling hills of Alentejo, you will start your day by visiting a winery run by a friendly Alentejo family. You will get to know their full-body and spicy red wines, elegant whites with crispy acidity, made out of native grapes or blended with a few international ones. All this will be experienced in the presence of the cork oak forest and by an intimate atmosphere that only family-run businesses can provide.

The lunch will be served at a typical Vidigueira Restaurant, where you will be able to taste the traditional wines from the region still fermented in clay amphorae. The restaurant was once a typical wine cellar and still keeps part of its decoration and atmosphere. The flavours of the food are warm and spiced with aromatic herbs and the knowledge of the people from Alentejo.

In the afternoon you will visit national monuments, unknown masterpieces, watch the windows and medieval portals, and end at the Palace of the first Baron of Portugal.
You will feel amazed with the casual stroll through the streets of this rural Manueline village, where you can discover barons, caves, and unexpected mural paintings!

Manuelino Alvito Fresco Route
Manuelino Alvito Fresco Route
Wine estate in Alentejo
Vinho de talha
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 Join us on this tour and discover the unknown heritage of Frescoes and the Manuelino Gothic style in Alvito village!

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