White Gold Alentejo Route

Ever thought of visiting a city of stone nearly a hundred meters into the earth? This itinerary is intended to know the impact of marble, the so called White Gold, had on this region’s architecture, landscape, industry and tourism. Take the adventure and explore the White Gold Marble Route!

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The day will begin with a challenging descent to a marble quarry excavated in the gallery, and part of the White Gold Marble Route. We will continue the visit to the factory, a magical place where the marble comes in blocks of large tonnage and after going through a hard process it gets many different shapes and sizes.

No doubt, one of the key moments of the day will be served at the table, by lunch, where you will taste the best of the traditional and renowned gastronomy of Alentejo!

In the afternoon, you are going to experience and enjoy some of the most celebrated wines in Portugal!

Wine producing in Alentejo has began when the Romans were in Portugal. It is from those times the creation of tools like the podão (a pruning knife) and the use of terracotta tanks to facilitate the fermentation of the must and to store wine. You will visit a winery and feel the warm weight of all these traditions while tasting charming Alentejo premium nectars.

woman in vineyard
Wine and food
Wine Wooden barrels
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 Join us on this tour and take the challenge to explore a marble quary in the White Gold Marble Route!

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