Setúbal Wines, Liqueurs and Jams

 Portugal as a country of sun, light and varied abundant fruit, loves its jams and liqueurs. Come to know its secular history and taste these flavors, which we assure you will be different from the ones you have already tasted. 


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On a family-run property with self-controlled agricultural production, and with methods that ensure maximum authenticity of the products, you will taste homemade Jams and Liqueurs, created with traditional recipes. With their superior standard quality, the result is always unique!

Lunch at a traditional Restaurant where you will enjoy Sesimbra or Setúbal fish delicacies and know why Portugal was already considered to have the best fish in the world!

Take your time to visit one winery and enjoy warm, full-flavoured wines in the afternoon. You will get to know and experience the famous Muscat from Setubal and enjoy artisanal wines made with love and pioneering spirit.  With a sustainable approach, the producer we’re going to visit still foot-stump their grapes or use Terracota Amphoraes to ferment them.

Enjoy the late afternoon with a glass of wine for company, and let yourself go, while discovering their flavours and scents!

Woman tasting wine outdoors
Arrábida mountains
Setúbal Wines Liqueurs and Jams​
Fish dish
Setúbal Wines Liqueurs and Jams​
Setúbal Wines Liqueurs and Jams​


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 Join us on this tour and taste Setúbal Wines Liqueurs and Jams, created with traditional recipes!

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