Wines and Dolphins in the Wild

Sado Estuary is home to one of the rare sedentary populations of bottlenose dolphins in Europe and one of the most important in the world. With a population around 30 dolphins, it is a privilege to see them in the calm waters of the estuary. This luxury adventure combines the best of Blue Coast region! Join us to discover Setúbal wines and experience dolphins watching in the wild!

Start your Adventure

Start this adventure with a visit to one of the most famous wineries of Setúbal region. You will get to know and experience the famous Moscatel from Setúbal and taste a wide range of wine profiles, from the regular still wines to the famous fortified wine of the region: the White and Purple Muscat. Versatility exists not only in the wines but also in the way they are produced: from handpicking to machine harvest, from foot-stomping, to cement deposit fermentation and stainless steel fermentation, and finally wooden barrels wine aging. The stage is set for a magnificent day.

Lunch will be served at a restaurant overlooking the deep blue waters of Setúbal bay, considered by many, as one of the most beautiful in the world.

By the afternoon we have another surprise for you: a catamaran ride on an idyllic scenario close to the delightful dolphins.  This community of dolphins from the Sado is the only sedentary and resident in Portugal and one of the few that exist worldwide.

The observation of this little world where they play, hunt, and spend most of their time, lasts approximately two and a half hours.

Join us to look for them in their natural habitat, in the fulness of their freedom, and feel closely the magic of their joy and their games and performances of aquatic choreographies! This tour takes place in one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, Setúbal Bay, also known as Dolphin Bay, which belongs to the restricted club of the “Most Beautiful Bays of the World”.

Arrábida Mountains, vineyard
Arrábida Mountains, vineyard
Wine and food picnic
Dolphins and Boat
Arrábida Beach


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 Join us on this tour and enjoy a day of adventure, discover Setúbal wines and experience dolphins watching in the wild!

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