Wines in Arrábida Mountain

The DOC Setúbal, which lies on the northern shores of the Sado estuary just south of Lisbon, was originally demarcated for the liqueur Moscatel de Setúbal, as far back as 1905. The wines from this region reveal a good acidity and freshness, with an extensive aromatic complexity, and are produced in a terroir marked by Arrábida Mountain.

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During this tour, you will visit two wineries where you will taste both still and fortified wines in Arrábida Mountain area.

 You will get to know Castelão, the main red grape variety from the region. Castelão wines are structured, with fruity flavors, suggesting cherry, currant, chestnut, prunes, blackberry and raspberry aromas, with great aging potential in oak barrels. 

The famous Muscat of Setúbal is a fortified wine of excellent quality, specially when aged for several years in oak barrels, and it has an intense aroma of orange blossoms and honey, which evolves to dried fruits notes, raisins and coffee.

You will have the chance to hear the stories of the region’s wine producers and enjoy the traditional winemaking methods, still used today, combined with the most modern technology.

On your way back and for the last farewell, we will pass on the beautiful Palmela fortress, which used to protect Lisbon from the South side.

We will return to Lisbon at 1 PM, but we are open to lunch by the coastline, if you wish.

Wines in Arrábida Mountain
Arrábida Mountains
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Setúbal Wines Liqueurs and Jams​


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 Join us on this tour and taste the best of DOC Setúbal wines in Arrábida Mountain!

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