Óbidos: Home for Queens On Atlantic Coast

Óbidos medieval town had a strategic importance in the territory, for being close enough to Lisbon and located on a high point near the Atlantic coast. Since King D. Dinis offered this village to his wife D. Isabel, in the century XIII, it belonged to the House of the Queens, throughout various dynasties. 

Nobody is indifferent to Óbidos and the wines of the region!

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Your day will start with a visit to two wineries, in Lisbon Wine Region.  During the visits you will have the opportunity to learn about their methods and taste unique wines, some made from grape varieties close to extinction, fortunately rediscovered by a new generation of winemakers.

Food in Portugal is a serious affair! At lunch, you will understand why Portuguese cuisine is a mixture of Mediterranean traditions and Atlantic freshness and get the chance to enjoy it at a regional restaurant; all paired with elegant wines from the Atlantic coast!

The adventure continues to the Óbidos medieval town: a fairy tale historical walled village that was owned by the House of Queens. Through here passed most of the Portuguese Queens, leaving large benefits and urban requalifications.

With a wide historical, cultural and architectural heritage, Óbidos is one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal. Its charm and romanticism are present in its typical whitewashed houses with blue and yellow bars, in its narrow cobblestoned streets and in its castle walls. Taste the local delicious pastries, drink the traditional ginjinha and enjoy a breathtaking sunset over Óbidos!

Quinta de Chocapalha
Woman in vineyard
Óbidos medieval town
Óbidos Medieval Town
Óbidos Medieval Town


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