Two Implausible Friends: Honey and Wine

Honey has been used as both a food and a medicine, since ancient times. Come on this tour and discover how the bees live and work, taste different kinds of honey and combine it with the visit to one of the most peculiar wine regions in the world, where implausible wines are still being produced. End this fascinating day with the visit to the beautiful royal refugee of Cascais.

Start your Adventure

This farm adventure starts with a visit to a family-run farmhouse. With the help of a 4th generation beekeeper, you will get to know more about how bees live, work and make honey. This is a hands-on experience, so you will put on a bee suit and take a close look at the hives. You’ll hold a frame of bees and identify workers and try to find the Queen bee! Being in touch with these fantastic and laborious animals, you will realize and learn about the importance of the bees for the planet.

This beautiful morning wouldn’t be complete without a lunch and this will be made on the farm, with ingredients grown fresh in the organic garden. In the end, you will be delighted with the tasting of different kinds of honey.

For the afternoon, you will visit the wine region of Colares and visit a winery to taste its fantastic salty and soft tannin wines. Colares is a traditionally prestigious wine region located on the Atlantic coast and it is famous much for its sandy, phylloxera-free soils and ungrafted vines, as well as for its native grapes, such as Ramisco.

Then and after, driving along the picturesque coastline, we will visit Cascais, to finish this special day! This charming village used to be a beach resort where the European Royals enjoyed their Summer months and is still today an elegant fusion of charming illustrious heritage and buzzing holiday atmosphere. 

Bee in Flower
Honey and Wine
Adega Cooperativa de Colares
cheese with red wine in glass
Honey and Wine


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 Join us on this tour and learn about honey and wine, in a relaxing day experience!

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