Wine and Art Hand in Hand

Caldas da Rainha is a beautiful city of the Portuguese Atlantic Coast. For art lovers, it is one of the biggest museological and ceramic centers in Portugal and deserves an attentive visit. Come and experience creating a ceramics piece with your own hands and along the way taste other art pieces of the region: the delicate and elegant wines of the Atlantic Coast.

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In Lisbon Wine Region, Portuguese are masters at blending several native grape varieties, producing amazing wines with premium blends. During this day, you will have the privilege of visiting two wineries of this unique region, discover the traditional native grapes and taste their special wines.

The gastronomy of the West Region is diverse and rich, as you will check during lunch time, with the sea ingredients marking the local cuisine. You will also have the chance to taste the regional delicacies, as the conventual sweets and liqueurs, which recipes have been created by the monks and have survived through the centuries. Therefore, sit back and enjoy your meal, with tranquility.

By the afternoon, according to your personal tastes, we will visit one or two of the most important museums of Caldas da Rainha, devoted to the local artists (most known is José Malhoa and Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro) and to ceramics, sculpture, and painting.

If you want something more active, it is possible to visit a ceramics factory, allowing you to become acquainted with the whole process of the creation of a ceramic object, whilst accompanied by a specialized guide. Another option is a painting workshop, where you can decorate your own ceramic object or, if it suits better to your tastes, we can also visit a studio of an artist and see closely how they make their art pieces, observe the beauty of the objects already finished and, perhaps, you may try to manufacture a piece of pottery and exercise your artistic side!

Woman tasting wine outdoors
Caldas da Rainha Museum
Caldas da Rainha Céu de Vidro
Craftsman drying earthenware with heat gun while girlfriend shaping clay in ceramic workshop
Óbidos Medieval Town


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 Join us on this tour and explore your creative talent on the ceramics town, while discovering the West Coast flavours !

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