Wines on the Rocks

In the late 16th century, the court of King Philip II institute the habit of tasting ice cream and cold drinks, during the summer months, in Portugal. Considering that modern refrigeration technologies did not exist at the time, the use of snow and ice was the only option available. Discover the unique Royal Ice Factory, in Serra de Montejunto, and taste the elegant and fresh wines of Lisbon Wine Region.

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At the beginning of this exciting day, you will enjoy beautiful green landscapes of the West Region, on our way to visit a winery in the Lisbon Wine Region. Here you will experience the high quality mineral and fresh wines, influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and discover some unique grape varieties almost close to extinction.

Lunch will be in a typical restaurant to taste the delicious regional cuisine, plenty of tasteful recipes with high quality ingredients, coming from the land and the ocean!

By the afternoon, we will continue to Serra de Montejunto, where we’ll visit The Royal Ice Factory, built in 1741, to serve the King’s Court. The habit of tasting ice cream and drinking cold drinks, in the hot summer months, have been introduced in Portugal in the late sixteenth century, the time of the Philippine Dynasty. The growing consumption of ice, not only at court but also in the noble, bourgeois and popular layers, has motivated the construction of this factory.

Take your time to appreciate how the building was constructed and to enjoy this magnificent place, with breathtaking views on the top of the mountain!

Lisbon Wine Region
Lisbon Wine Region
Real Fábrica do Gelo
Lisbon Wine Region


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 Join us on this tour and explore the Royal Ice Factory while tasting the best wines of Lisbon Wine Region!

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