Northern Portugal Epic Trip

Northern Portugal is the country’s birthplace and the rich cultural heritage of the region highlights its noble and ancient origins. Tradition, culture, architecture, gastronomy and wine, landscape, hospitality and the joy of their people are the attributes of a unique region, worth an epic trip!

Seven-days Itinerary

Northern Portugal has a peculiar charm. By visiting this region, you will take home much more than pictures and memories! You will experience in the most Portuguese feeling: Saudade. Cities as Porto, Braga, or Guimarães, the birthplace of the country, are places of great heritage and historical interest. The churches and monasteries, the museums and castles, the gardens, and the rich architecture, are part of an unforgettable itinerary! Furthermore, it is almost impossible not to enjoy the Nature at its purest state. Many Natural Parks, rivers, the sea, as well as the mountains altogether frame this region. 

Without reservation, you must take time to appreciate the rich gastronomy and premium Wines. From the Douro wine, to the “Vinho Verde” and the famous Port Wine, certainly, here you will taste some of the best Portuguese wines.

Northern Region culture has been recognized by UNESCO, and places like the Historical Center of Porto and Guimarães, the Douro Valley, and the Côa Valley are nowadays considered as World Heritage. 

This multi-day itinerary aims to make you feel the true Portuguese lifestyle, in an epic trip which will be, undoubtedly, memorable!

Douro Valley Map
Douro Valley
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North and Douro Valley
Quinta da Pacheca

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 Join us on this itinerary and explore Northern Portugal, its history and cultural traditions, combined with a glass of wine!

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7 Days

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