Dão Epic Trip

Several factors give a unique beauty to this region, that extends over more than 375 000 hectares of land. From the mountains to the granite soils and the gently sloping valleys, Dão Region awaits to be discovered!

Two-days Itinerary

Beautiful, notable, and irresistible! Dão Region geographic location allows the production of some of the best wines in Portugal. Protected by the mountains from the Atlantic winds, with temperate climate as a result, and with schist and granite soils, this is the birthplace of Touriga Nacional, the queen of Portuguese grape varieties.  It is thus known as the ‘Portuguese Burgundy’.

The Dão wines are gastronomic wines, with an exceptional acidity of complex and delicate scents. It fits perfectly with the local food, like Serra da Estrela cheese, due to its complexity, elegance, balance, and maturity.

The vineyards make unforgettable landscape, naturally adapted to the cold rainy winters and the hot summers that thus give the demarcated region of Dão, unique climatic conditions that provide the unparalleled characteristics of Dão Wine.

Formed by determined people and rich gastronomy, the region presents a consonance between the traditional and the modern. This is especially verified in the techniques and infrastructures used, capable of combining the best that the past and the future have to offer.

It is said that Nature was particularly generous to Dão Region. As Saramago once said, “Everything in these parts is greatness” but only those who really experience the Dão can say that. So, enjoy the incredible flavors of these wines and find out all this region has to offer!

Dão Epic Trip
Dão Epic Trip (2)
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 Join us on this itinerary and explore Dão Region history and cultural traditions, combined with a glass of wine!

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2 Days

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